About Felix Roth

felix-9916Felix’s commitment to deepening awareness has been a life-long journey. In his early teens, he moved to the U.S. from Germany and lived in a spiritual commune where he was exposed to alternative healing methods. In complete contrast, he spent his early adulthood honing his left brain as a technician and electrical engineer. When life in a cubicle started to suffocate his soul, Felix started a regular practice of dance and yoga that gave him the resources to move beyond geekdom into a new career as a massage therapist and ecstatic dance facilitator.

Felix attended the Oregon School of Massage and focused on Therapeutic Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy. He graduated in 2003, and became a licensed massage therapist the same year. He has since completed continuing education in Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, and Deep Tissue Massage, among other techniques. He has also received training in Integrative Bodywork at the Institute of Mindful Experiential Therapeutic Approaches (M.E.T.A.). This training, in combination with regular supervision from Bill Bowen (Psycho-Physical Therapy), inform the Body-Centered Coaching aspect of his practice.

For over 10 years Felix has been passionately supporting people on their path to self-discovery, health and wholeness. He is able to encourage vulnerability and transformation in his clients through creating an atmosphere that is full of playfulness, reverent irreverence, compassion and empathy.

Felix is the creator and founder of Motion Massage, and co-founder of Sacred Circle and Mindful Meltdown Ecstatic Dance.

“Felix does sacred massage, if I may say so. I feel honored in so many ways working with Felix … he listens, he soothes, he knows how to treat your issues and how to help you heal.”

Fran Paulman