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“Felix’s lively ideas and keen attunement to the body take form in a warm, relaxing exchange of massage and energy. Whether prone on the table receiving a strong and lovely massage or moving in space, an extension of the massage (or both), having Felix guide and support a release into muscles and joints, sensations and feelings is an experience of feeling fully in-body/embodied, completely received. Delightful! Pleasure-full. Try it!”

Susan Banyas

“Motion Massage allows me to experience authentic and holistic healing in a way that I can’t access by myself on my yoga mat. It’s like blending together all the yummiest parts of traditional bodywork, partner yoga, authentic movement and play in a way that lets me show up to myself on a mental, emotional and physical level all at the same time. Felix adeptly plays the role of my own higher self who knows just how to support and move with me to create a safe space in which I can remember how to find my own healing from within.”

Jay Fields

“What I love about working with Felix is how well he understands the body in motion.  Many therapists know how to offer nurturance and release but, as a dancer, Felix understands how to skillfully wedge into those deep places that are so yearning to be touched. His strength is matched by sensitivity so I know he can bring the fire of release as deep as I am willing to go but will never push beyond my comfort zone.  I also love his creativity.  As a mover I feel like he is constantly willing to explore “what happens if I do this?”  I’ve done contact dance and massage for years but never together.  His Motion Massage™ is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I cannot recommend it highly enough! Check it out – you won’t be disappointed.”

Darcy Lyon

“What I find remarkable about Felix’s work, is his presence: his ability to listen and “tune in” to your body in a way that allows me to simply relax, let go and simply allow on a fundamental level. So the “things” which are addressed are not just surface level “stuff”, but rather  casual “stuff”.  When I can relinquish, release, let go of, or dispense with something that was so integral to my way of doing what I do, I naturally have a shift, and a shift at this level is typically radical as it allows me to simply do the things I do and practice from a different place… and it’s this different perspective which opens the possibility of me making a different choice and consequently having a different experience… This is the type of work I would recommend to anyone feeling “stuck” in a rut, or if you can’t seem to tune into your inspiration, or things seem to lack the luster, the yum… anyone who teaches, heals or works with others could benefit from this work as it facilitates your connecting more deeply with yourself. This is from someone who works with their body for a living, and teaches others to do the same…”

Todd Williamson

“Felix’s bodywork weaves a unique blend of more traditional massage with some delicious aspects of interactive partner yoga and imrovisational contact/movement/dance. In contrast to passively receiving a massage – with Felix’s Motion Massage™, I am able to begin the session exploring and stretching open my blocks and the tight parts in my body very immediately as his process encourages me to be as physically interactive as is comfortable for me. By the time I moved up to his massage table I was warmed up, receptive, relaxed in a deeper way.”

Georgian Nehl

“Felix not only makes my body feel great, but I also feel him put his positive healing energy into taking care of my heart, soul and mind. His sessions are both powerful and tender.”

Kelsey Tyler

“To receive bodywork from Felix is to open to a deeper sense of self. Through Felix’s compassionate and fully present touch, I am able to source from what is true about me, which I experience post-massage as a resplendent state of flowing relaxation and harmony with all that is. But bliss is not just found post-massage, as there is much pleasure in the treatment as Felix meets surface tension with soothing, flowing strokes and addresses deeper holding patterns with firm yet exquisitely sensitive pressure and improvisational creativity. Sessions with Felix bless my body-heart-mind and allow me to more deeply savor life…”

Lisa Butler

“My experience with Felix was not only completely different than anything that I have ever experienced, it was the best on so many levels. Felix put me in touch with my ‘self’ – he seemed to gather information from my being, and know more about my body than I did – and helped me learn to listen to it. I was a part of the work, but Felix also encouraged me to ‘receive’ the experience – to really be present and take it in. For me, Felix actually took on all of my negative energy, stress, and pain – and then we both let it go. It was almost on a spiritual level for me. As a result, despite the fact that my life is no less stressful, I have absorbed from Felix to be present – slow down – and listen to my body – all in one session!”

Missy Bystrom

“Felix Roth’s wide range of bodyworking skills is his main asset. Let me emphasize his skill: his deep tissue work is nuanced and his Craniosacral work is intuitive and energetic. His new technique, Motion Massage, allows you to dance deeper into the massage. I like it that as my needs change from session to session, or even during the massage, Felix is able to adapt and change and still provide me a superb experience.”

Susan Johnson

“I have been receiving massage on a regular basis for over six years. I have been to numerous massage therapists. Felix is the first to treat my body, mind and spirit. His massage techniques and energy work are exceptional. By mixing multiple modalities (cranialsacral, deep tissue, swedish), I always leave his studio refreshed and renewed.”

David Sharon