Integrative & Holistic Bodywork

Integrated & Holistic Bodywork starts from the premise that your body experience is related to, rooted in and cannot be separated from your emotional and mental context. These holistic massage sessions offer a space for personal exploration of the relationship between your physical pain and tension and your life and emotional world.

The work involves massage techniques and incorporates dialogue to help you pay attention to and work with the sensations themselves. This holistic approach often teaches us why the tension is there, and if we’re lucky, how to help it release. Sometimes feelings come up, and if that happens, we just welcome them and listen for what your system is trying to tell us. The intent is not to force verbal processing, but simply to have an additional tool to address deeper emotional and mental patterns that are embedded in the body that may organically arise in response to the bodywork.

Working at your pace and within your comfort zone, this approach supports greater self-awareness and leads to deeper understanding of or relief from recurring or chronic pain or tension, postural issues and movement limitations.

“I went initially for help with constant shoulder pain.  What I received was help with both my emotional and physical well-being.  Felix’s gentle presence of acceptance  as I wept or cried during a session, releasing old stuck energy, has been profoundly transformational.  As he pushed deep into the knotted places of my body, I was able to gain range of motion with my shoulders and upper body I have not had for probably 30 years.  I highly recommend Felix for the amazing gifts he has to offer the world, and I am very grateful and thankful I found my way to him.”

Alley Teach