Interactive Movement

The best metaphor for how interactive movement works is the way a cat responds to being pet by telling you exactly what feels good and what doesn’t. In an interactive movement session, I move with you on firm foam mats and give you an opportunity to be an active participant in the release and unwinding of your tension.

I begin by inviting you to scan your whole body with great attention, noticing all sensations, ease, tightness, comfort, and pain. Then you get to employ your body awareness to guide the touch, shifting into positions that are comfortable for you, and pushing into or moving away from my touch.

Through the fusion of intentional and intuitive touch from the practitioner and your own mindful movement, you let go of preoccupied mental states and get to powerfully connect with your whole self. The opportunity to participate in the healing process empowers you to really take care of yourself on your path to wellness.

Interactive Movement is wonderful way to shift from being focused on thinking to full body awareness. With that it is an excellent way to start any Motion Massage session, which can then transiton into a any of the other Motion Massage modalities, such as Thai Massage, or Integrative Bodywork.

“Upon meeting Felix and having a few 90 minute sessions, I was impressed by his integrity and knowledge.  He was alright with working on the table, but I soon found out the value of working in motion.  There was no expectation of me moving in a specific way as he became a guide that  allowed me to be involved with my massage.  The movements are natural with Felix stopping at important points to stretch.  I was relieved that I was not expected to do anything “right”.  He provides a safe place to be.   I continue to be more educated about my body and how I can modify movements on my own.”

Ron Severson