Thai Massage

Want to feel energized, wonderfully relaxed, and taller? Thai Massage offers the best of both worlds, combining stretching and deep tissue massage. Enjoy reclining on super cozy foam mats, while having your kinks worked out and your muscles stretched. Clients have called it yoga for lazy people.

As with all Motion Massage modalities, a Thai Massage will begin by entering a state of mindfulness. Thai Massage is  particularly complimentary with Interactive Movement. It can also be combined with Integrative Bodywork to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues causing your discomfort.

“Felix really connected me to my body: he understood and dealt with the pain I was complaining about, and he fixed other pains stemming from the first pain that I didn’t even realize I had. The stretches let me really feel and use the muscles he’d just massaged, and that helped me figure out how one part of my body was compensating for pain in another part of my body.”

Jeff Ring