Body-Centered Coaching

Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change how we experience ourselves and our environment is by becoming aware of our inner landscape and learning to befriend what’s going on inside. Body-Centered Coaching offers you the opportunity to explore the relationship between physical symptoms and their inner psycho/emotional aspects, so that you can focus on changing the issues that matter most to you.

Through a combination of coaching along with hands-on work, Body-Centered Coaching is a creative and collaborative exploration of your inner landscape. Working within the boundaries of what feels emotionally safe to you, Body-Centered Coaching helps you to increase your self-awareness to support personal growth, whether that looks like creating more ease, security, freedom and enjoyment in your interpersonal relationships, making transitions, healing from the past or developing resources to help you move into the future with more joy, confidence and stability.

Body-centered coaching is especially suited for people who are interested in approaching the issues they want to deal with in their life through an experiential, exploratory and embodied approach.

“What I find remarkable about Felix’s work, is his presence: his ability to listen and “tune in” to your body in a way that allows me to simply relax, let go and simply allow on a fundamental level.”

Todd  Williamson