Motion Massage is a deeply rejuvenating, intuitive, sometimes intense, and always highly effective mindfulness based bodywork tailored to meet your needs.

Combined with Body-Centered Coaching it helps you to establish creative resources to demystify and resolve the underlying causes of your physical and emotional discomfort.

Motion Massage is offered in a beautiful, spacious healing arts studio that allows for the organic unfolding of a session. We can easily transition between seated coaching, the massage table, the Thai mats and movement work.

Body-Centered Coaching


A combination of coaching and hands-on work that allows you to change the issues that matter most to you.

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Integrative Bodywork


An integrative approach to releasing chronic pain or tension and their underlying causes.

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Interactive Movement


A fusion of intentional and intuitive touch with mindful movement to empower you to care for yourself on your path to whole-body wellness.

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Cranial Sacral Therapy


A gentle approach to melting away stress and supporting your body’s inherent ability to heal.

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Thai Massage


A playful and thorough way to massage, stretch and rejuvenate your entire body.

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Deep Tissue & MyoFascial Release


The traditional and delicious approach to working out your system’s knots and kinks.

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“Felix Roth’s unusual approach to bodywork, through guided spontaneous movement was both personally challenging and deeply rewarding. I kept thinking, “Why hasn’t anyone else ever done it this way? Every massage should be like this!” Felix’s gentle spirit offered me a safe place to stretch out stuck areas both physically and emotionally. His approach is definitely recommended.”

Richard Stein