Motion Massage
is a deeply rejuvenating, intuitive, and always highly effective mindfulness based bodywork tailored to meet your needs.

Combined with Body-Centered Coaching it helps you to establish creative resources to demystify and resolve the underlying causes of your physical and emotional discomfort.

Motion Massage is offered in a beautiful, spacious healing arts studio that allows for the organic unfolding of a session. We can easily transition between seated coaching, the massage table, the Thai mats and movement work.

"Felix's holistic approach resonated with me, and I appreciated the respect and encouragement he had for my inner wisdom. I left feeling empowered."Sangree F
"Felix used just the right words to point my mind to my body's experience. His compassionate guidance coupled with his skill at releasing tension in the body is transformational. Awareness of what was happening in my body allowed me to further soften and let go. I would recommend his work to anyone who is ready to experience more freedom in the body."Kristin W
"I've been working with Felix for 6 months and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to align their body & mind. He meets you right where you're at and his studio is an oasis from the world outside."Matt A
"Felix is great, he brings skill and compassion to every session. These sessions are surprisingly creative and rewarding. I have made discoveries, both physical and psychological, along the way as we move toward long term goals."Mark J
"I have been going to Felix for nearly a decade. He keeps me loose and relaxed. He's also helped me recover from numerous injuries, and likely helped prevent some with keeping me more limber through more stretchy massages. I highly recommend his work."Peter K
"As an avid dancer, I connected with Felix after back surgery to recover from both physical and mental pain. He described his technique as a conversation massage. I was skeptical at first, thinking I wanted to numb out for 90 minutes of pure bliss. I soon realized the inextricable connection between my mind and body as Felix mixed talk with touch in a comfortable, unassuming way. High praise for making me feel stronger on many levels."David R
"I have never given myself regular massage until I began working with Felix. His approach is tailored to your specific needs each session and his peaceful yet strong presence is healing. I love the Alberta District location and find my commute worthwhile to treat myself to a fun area and relaxing massage. I highly recommend getting massage care with Felix."Carla K
"I have had chronic back and knee issues for years, and my chiropractor suggested that I try massage to supplement my treatments. I found Felix online and called to schedule my first Thai massage. I left my first session feeling like I could run a mile, and I have been going back every few weeks ever since. I would highly recommend Felix to anyone and everyone!"Lynnise S.
“After only one appointment with Felix, I knew I had found an intuitive guide and teacher to nurture my pursuit of clarity and homeostasis. The combination of massage and energy work I experience with him carries with it sustained relief and a reinforcement of my desire to restore, encourage and inspire my own self nurturing. I leave each appointment in state of bliss and with deeper awareness and receptivity.”Christine R.
"Initially I went to see Felix for help with constant shoulder pain. What I received was help with both my emotional and physical well-being. Felix's gentle presence of acceptance, has been profoundly transformational. As he pushed deep into the knotted places of my body, I was able to gain range of motion with my shoulders and upper body I have not had for probably 30 years. I highly recommend Felix for the amazing gifts he has to offer."Alley T
"Felix does great bodywork. He begins with with finding places that I don't know are tight, and helps me make the transition from busy life to being in my body. His knowledge of anatomy and a variety of massage techniques, gives him incredible insight and ability when working on my body. I've been going to Felix for more than two years, and have found him responsive to requests. He's not afraid to increase or decrease pressure, and he's usually spot-on in knowing what I want and what will be good for my body."John B
"The Motion Massage approach is an amazing experience. Each session is based on what my body and I need. It's refreshing as a client. I feel that I am much more the center of the work. I am not simply a passive recipient of some a priori modality of massage. I am active with the work. Felix offers an informed involvement and guides me, physically, to very deep physical releases for both my everyday sort of stress (and strain as a dancer) and that deep nagging stuff that rises to the surface from time to time."Lisa H


Body-Centered Coaching


A combination of coaching and hands-on work that allows you to change the issues that matter most to you.
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Integrative Bodywork


An integrative approach to releasing chronic pain or tension and their underlying causes.
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Interactive Movement


A fusion of intentional and intuitive touch with mindful movement to empower you to care for yourself on your path to whole-body wellness.

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Cranial Sacral Therapy


A gentle approach to melting away stress and supporting your body’s inherent ability to heal.
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Thai Massage


A playful and thorough way to massage, stretch and rejuvenate your entire body.

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Deep Tissue & MyoFascial Release


The traditional and delicious approach to working out your system’s knots and kinks.

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“Felix Roth’s unusual approach to bodywork, through guided spontaneous movement was both personally challenging and deeply rewarding. I kept thinking, “Why hasn’t anyone else ever done it this way? Every massage should be like this!” Felix’s gentle spirit offered me a safe place to stretch out stuck areas both physically and emotionally. His approach is definitely recommended.”

Richard Stein