Motion Massage

Integrative Bodywork & Body-Centered Coaching in Portland, Oregon

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Hands-on help for your whole self
Bringing gentle presence to your felt experience
through touch, dialogue, and guided awareness
for ease and healing on all levels:
body, mind, heart & spirit

Benefits of Motion Massage

Learn new ways to befriend your body
Feel safer and more at home in yourself
Release patterns of holding tension
Transform chronic pain and trauma
Liberate emotional and creative energy
Increase comfort with touch
Gently release negative habits
Develop practices for resilience

What to expect from your Motion Massage

Motion Massage can provide help with the following:
Chronic pain
Sleep issues
Digestive problems
Mean internal voices
Shame and self-hatred
Trouble receiving touch
Isolation and lack of touch
Numbness and dissociation
Difficult relationship with your body

Client testimonials about Felix and Motion Massage
"I'm changing how I look at myself and my place in the world. It's helping me be more of who I am in nice, gentle, slow way."
"I’m more aware of what I'm feeling throughout the day. I’m getting better at not just gutting my way through physical pain, but actually trying to find out what my body is saying and to meet that need."
"It’s empowering not to flinch when someone touches me, literally and figuratively, and to accept touch that feels really great and nutritious."
"I can apply these practices when I'm overwhelmed in real life situations. Knowing that intense feelings will end, I can just allow them to be."
"I’m not as worried about the future. I feel more resourced and resilient. I have more confidence, come what may."
"I have more flexibility, more stamina, more confidence. I'm less limited by what's going on with my body. I'm learning more about how to take care of myself, and the work I can do to get better."
"I feel like my authentic self is more on the surface, rather than undercover. I'm more forthright stating my needs, and more able to be with other people while they are having hard feelings."
"I'm happier, more vulnerable, less headstrong, more open to criticism, less worried, more confident. I'm just lighter. The things in my life that negatively impact me, I come here and let them go so I can be a better person."
“There is nothing in my life this practice doesn't impact. I bring it with me everywhere. I’m more calm, more grounded—and the benefits increase exponentially over time.”